Risk Management - Eliminate, Prevent and Mitigate

CONFINET consultants provide risk management services to all types of businesses. 

What is Risk Management?  There are many ways to express it, however, simply put it is the practice of protecting your organization from financial harm by identifying, analyzing and controlling risk at the lowest possible cost.  Our services always begin with risk identification and a carefully thought out strategy for eliminating risk as much as possible.  Some risks are very challenging to eliminate or altogether impossible; and require an aggressive prevention strategy backed by a well managed mitigation program.  Confinet consultants will create such a strategy and program, leading to dramatically lower claim costs and insurance premiums. 

CONFINET consultants work seamlessly with your finance, legal, real estate, construction, risk management and human resources staff.   We deliver solutions which are integrated into the core of your business and are transparent as much as possible.   While safety always needs to be top of mind with your management; implementation needs to take place at the foundation of your business. That begins with an employee training program that includes safety awareness based upon the perils that drive your business.   When our risk management foundation is laid in place your employees will not be able to extract the safety measures implemented because it will be ubiquitous throughout your operating practices. 

CONFINET consultants deliver solid risk management advice including a clear crisis management strategy.  Managing a crisis can be expensive and is often embarrassing for a corporation.   Preparing a clear communication strategy for both the public and your employees cannot be stressed enough.   

CONFINET consultants always conduct a comprehensive analysis of your entire claims management process and procedures; including internal reserving practices set by your financial team.  We review all service provider agreements and measure the benefits against cost. We help you set the standard by which your medical cost containment program is monitored. We will recommend settlement ranges, denials, case reserving and benchmark these to industry standards.  A Confinet consultant will interact with your adjusters and defense counsel throughout the course of our relationship.  We will keep expenses down by always understanding your business and making sure that once a claim occurs the facts are documented immediately so that claims can be closed quickly without expensive litigation.   

CONFINET consultants focus on Litigation Analysis.  Analyzing and managing how legal services are delivered to our client in the defense of claims is critical to a successful outcome. Controlling costs requires cooperation amongst client personnel, claims adjusting staff and defense counsel.  While most claims are legitimate, many are not.  If the facts of the claim come out early and are managed throughout the claim process, the result will be win/win.

Defense counsel must be educated on the business practices of the client early on in any relationship.  Many claims are blown out when claims adjusters and defense counsel are advised in a timely manner on the changes in a clients operational procedures. Client employees need to be educated on the importance of communicating the facts early, clearly and openly with your defense team. 

CONFINET consultants will help you prepare and submit complex business interruption claims to your insurance company facing a major loss. 

CONFINET consultants work closely with your human resource department on employment practice compliance with Federal and State ADA, FLSA, FMLA, Tips and Wages, Pool Violations and Overtime Wage Disputes.  Our consultants have managed class action lawsuits from initial discovery through final resolution.   We have saved our clients millions including prevention of bankruptcy.

CONFINET consultants know that safety incentive programs can be an effective tool in accident prevention.  At the same time, an incentive program is not a replacement for a well written and communicated risk and safety program.

CONFINET consultants conduct mergers and acquisitions due diligence reviews, which entail a systematic review of the historical exposures of the acquired entities; providing our recommendations on whether proper coverage has been in place.

CONFINET consultants remain involved even after an assignment has concluded.  Measuring a programs success is the hallmark of our service.  We must know when your financial and operational objectives have been achieved.  We will assist you on an ongoing basis if that is what it takes.   Confinet consultants are not paid by your insurance companies thereby ensuring that our recommendations are unbiased.  There is virtually no task we are unwilling to tackle. 

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